New Release: Angel of Reckoning

Angel of ReckoningIt’s finally here, the 4th book in my Reclaiming Honor series with Michael Anderle – and that’s right, it’s vampire post-apoc! Fun stuff 🙂

We’ve done a lot to get here, and it’s been amazing to go on this journey that has now set me up to go fulltime as an author. What does that mean? Much more to come!

Stay tuned.  (more…)


HOUNDS OF LIGHT – Book Launch!

Hounds of LightIt’s here at long last, the sequel to Hounds of God (and on the same day as the launch of the book 1 Audiobook) – HOUNDS OF LIGHT.

Take some magic, add some werewolves and vampires, and you’ve got yourself my new book. BAM!

Hope you all enjoy it 😉

Hounds of Light – Book Description

A dark temple of vampires. An army of werewolves. One woman to stand against them all.

Katherine thought that by taking on the leader of the Hounds of God, she’d be done with them. She didn’t know that the werewolf influence had spread deep throughout the country, and maybe the world.

Hunting down werewolves is one thing, but when a dark vampire comes calling, they find they must seek help.

Will Katherine and her new clan of two werewolves and a half-vampire be enough to take on such levels of evil?

The Dark Knights: A King Arthur Vampire Fantasy

The Dark KnightsAnyone out there like vampires, fantasy, and King Arthur? I thought I’d combine all of those for you, and the result was this little story of awesomeness – The Dark Knights:  A King Arthur Vampire Fantasy. It’s a short story for now, with the idea that, if enough people like it and get behind it, I’ll do the novel.

So, if you’re interested – you can get it for FREE on #Instafreebie. Pretty cool, right? You just sign up for my newsletter, so we can stay in touch and I can tell you about other freebies and deals.