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Publishing Update: Group Promos

Falls of Redemption - BoxsetEver try to jump start something old? Since Justice is Calling (Reclaiming Honor) launched so well, I figured I’d do the with my Falls of Redemption trilogy – and Jason Rice was awesome enough to set up a group $0.99 promo.

It’s been going pretty damn well! Am I losing money? I don’t know, but the book is up to 3,297 and has a few newsletters going out tomorrow and the next day, along with a Bargainbooksy tomorrow, sitting at #6 in Military Fantasy 🙂 So I’m freaken thrilled! LOVE YOU fellow writers and readers. Just gotta keep plugging away — now to see if the extra attention makes a difference/ if it sticks.



Falls of Redemption Military Fantasy Trilogy for $0.99

Falls of Redemption - Boxset

For all of you readers curious about my military fantasy trilogy FALLS OF REDEMPTION (and it really should be read as the whole trilogy), I’ve decided to offer one week of a $0.99 sale! It’s a big discount, considering it normally goes for $9.99.

So if you’re interested, now’s the time to get it!

Get the Trilogy for $0.99

The Book Description:

When his brother vanishes, Narcel is next in line to rule his city, but only wants a simple life with the girl he loves.

Little does he know, the heavens have greater plans for him. He’s taken from his village and forced to fight for a neighboring clan, but when war breaks out in the land of Braze, he must choose sides between the family he knew as a boy and the brothers in arms he’s formed as a man.

Forced to become the warrior he never wanted to be, torn from everything he thought he knew about life, Narcel builds the courage to set things right. But his actions propel him and his lands into an inescapable path toward war and destruction.

This omnibus edition contains almost 700 pages of epic military fantasy adventure, political backstabbing, and warfare. It includes Land of Gods, Retribution Calls, and Tears of Devotion.


Still not sure and prefer to start with a free sampler? I’m offering ‘episode 1’ along with some other freebies, along with 7 other fantasy authors, over at #Instafreebie. You can find my post about it here, and enter a chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card!

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