In addition to writing screenplays, I am happy to help others along the process. I have mentored vets for the Veterans Writers Project, a D.C. based non-profit, and helped others to bring their screenplays to the next level, both domestic and abroad.




With Justin’s help I was finally able to write a screenplay that was unanimously praised by a tough-minded writer’s group that disliked all my earlier submissions. Justin has a talent for helping a writer to address a script’s weaknesses and magnify its strengths. I now consider him an indispensable creative partner.

– Lou Barbarelli, California, U.S.A.


Justin provided a wealth of valued feedback that enabled me to critically view with new eyes my screenplay in process  and improve it. He is good on details. He provides excellent and constructive edits with the sensitive support every writer needs

– Stevanne Auerbach PhD, California U.SA.


Since we first met (virtually), with his invaluable aid my writing has greatly improved and my screenplays have placed as high as the finals in various contests, including the Top 10 in the Contest of the Contest Winners. Through this experience, I am sure Justin will be in my greetings list the day I win the Oscar Award for best screenplay.

– Leonardo Reis, Brazil


Justin’s feed back is always very useful, an eye opener for me. His insight has helped me in my rewrites, and with his help my scripts read better.

– Ijeoma Madumere, Nigeria


Other Writing Services


I am available for script rewrites, ranging from page one rewrites to dialogue fixes to individual scene fixes to simple final polishes before production. Rates vary depending on job definition and budget size.


I have adapted my own fiction for the screen and look forward to discussing your vision. Rates vary depending on size of original media, research involved, and budget size.


I am willing to take your story ideas or treatment, whether you are an individual producer, production company, director, or creative individual, and write a complete script, tailored to your vision of the story. Rates vary on storyline, research involved, and budget size.


I have been paid to review book proposals on screenwriting books and am happy to review future book proposals, whether from individuals or from publishers.

If you would like to discuss these options, please email me at


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