Falls of Redemption

mobile_2400x3840pxIn a world where men believe they can become gods, Narcel searches for his missing brother while trying not to let the girl of his dreams slip away to his older cousin. Evidence for his brother’s disappearance points to the rival warrior clan, the Mawtu… which could mean only one thing: war on the horizon.


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map final 5


“As the author, Justin Sloan, notes at the end of part one of this series, he took inspiration for his tale from the Peloponnesian War between Greek and Sparta. Although set in a fictional world, you immediately get the sense of that ancient conflict right from the beginning of Falls of Redemption. The story centers mainly on three characters: the boys Narcel and Lokum, who are cousins; and the girl, Kaire, whom they are attracted to. Vivid world-building and exciting battles as the boys learn to become warriors! A great coming-of-age story that will leave the reader in suspense and yearning to dive into the next chapter of the series!”

– M.S. Valdez


As always, reviews are certainly appreciated! For the episodes of Falls of Redemption, visit my author page or get started with Episode 1.


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