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Back by Sunrise - Award Winner

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Back by Sunrise – A young girl copes with the loss of her father with the help of a magical necklace that transforms her into a bird at night.

Book 1 of the Eternal Light series, this book introduces us to Brooke and is in the same world as my Bringer of Light chronicles.

Winner of the the 2015 Book’sChoice4U Children’s Book contest (Age 10-12)!

Select Review: This book, about a preteen girl who’s dad dies in the line of duty over seas is heart warming and truly magical. As a child reads this book he/she can feel the things that Brook felt as she journeys, as a little bird, through the grief process. – Author MJ Henry



Teddy Bears in Monsterland  A teddy bear has until sunrise to overcome his fear of the night and battle the beasts that hold his young master prisoner in Monsterland.

Book 1 of the Teddy Defender series, this book introduces us to Ari and the other Teddy Bears who will continue to lead us on epic quests and grand adventures.

Select Review: Great book! This story takes the reader on quite a ride into monsterland. It is well crafted and will certainly make you hug your teddy bear and allow him to watch over you every night while you are sleeping! Kids need to hear this story. – Author Alton Campbell, Jr.



Falls of Redemption – A young adult epic fantasy of a boy torn away from his village and forced to become the warrior he never wanted to be.

A YA Fantasy Serial: In a land where men and women believe they can become gods, a young man is forced to become the warrior he never wanted to be, attempts to earn the love of a woman he seems destined never to get, and struggles to find himself in a world of betrayal and intrigue. (Episodes 1-6)

Amazon-Kindle Book 1 Allie Storm Final Book 2


Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon – Book 1 of the Bringer of Light chronicles.

Mohira – A standalone literary novel of a young woman who must learn to live with life in America after divorce as ethnic violence occurs against her people back in her home country of Kyrgyzstan.

…AND more books in the Eternal Light and Teddy Defender series! Stay up to date on my Amazon author page. 



The Obituaries,” Published in O-Dark-Thirty.  

The house was silent. There hadn’t been much noise in Oliver’s life lately, not since little Josh’s third birthday. Oliver paused at the stairs leading to his son’s room, rubbing the back of his hand against his nose as he sniffled. A tiny green coat hung by the stairs, just above the doll-sized matching rain boots.

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Night’s Curse,” Published in Separate Worlds. 

(Now on Amazon, Selz, Kobo, etc.)

Annabel never wanted the moment to end, that Christmas Eve. Years later she would look back with restless yearning for that night. But not for the next morning.

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I See You Dancing,” Published in Coalesce. 

I see you dancing, weaving through the bar,
your hands become the sirens luring call.
I watch your moves and hope that, like a star,
you aren’t already gone before I fall
in love with you, devote myself and choose
to spend my life among your twists and turns.
I take the step. What have I got to lose?
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Refuse to Wither,” Published in My Nature Places.

Refuse to wither, push through, fight

To rise among your peers

And see the world, to spread your leaves

And say, “I’ll live for years!”

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Screenplay Excerpt:

Back by Sunrise,” Published in Viral Cat.



BIRDS circle over tall evergreens, sun glistens from their feathers. Mt. Rainier looms in the distance.

The Birds spiral down towards a quaint white house and soar past a window. LAUGHTER from within.

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