deathbound-2*NOTE: This is from a later chapter

The world was pulled downward and into the afterlife. Rohan knew instantly where he was. He would never forget the dry air, the morbid feeling that had overcome him—as it did once again.

A fleet of tormented souls moved through the house like a river of flames, screaming and wailing. The walls of the house, under pressure from the descent, began to crack.

Rohan’s first instinct was to run, to save himself, but then he saw that Nora was standing in the middle of the flames, face in her hands as if she couldn’t believe what was happening. Leaving her behind was not an option, so he stumbled toward her, doing his best to fight the strange, dizzying sensation in his body. His arms were hard to move, numb and tingling, as if they had become atrophied.

“Come with me, now!” he shouted, and ran for her.

But when he grabbed her wrist, she pushed him back, screaming.

“Stay back, monster!” she shouted. “What have you done?” (more…)