Author Justin Sloan

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I am a video game writer (credits on Game of Thrones; Minecraft: Story Mode; Walking Dead: Michonne), novelist (SHADOW CORPS, STAR FORGED), and screenwriter (Adapting Sterling & Stone’s CRASH; John L. Monk’s KICK, and more)

I studied writing at the Johns Hopkins University MA in writing program and at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television’s Professional Program in Screenwriting. Also, I was in the Marines for five years and have lived in Japan, Korea, and Italy.



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  1. Hi Justin! I just listened to the first ep of the Creative Writing Career podcast and I’m excited to listen to more episodes. I’m an AF veteran working in the federal government now and seeking more opportunities to write creatively, so your podcast seems perfect for me! Video game writing sounds very cool. I look forward to hearing the reality and how one might approach getting into the field.


    1. Sara, that’s great! I’m so happy you enjoyed it (and hope you had the opportunity to leave a review on iTunes) – also, since you’re a vet I’d be happy to share the audiobook of my book MILITARY VETERANS IN CREATIVE CAREERS. We’re launching that podcast on Veterans Day (Nov 11, 2015), and hope it will be complimentary to this one. Stay in touch and let me know if you have any questions.



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