New Release: Angel of Reckoning

Angel of ReckoningIt’s finally here, the 4th book in my Reclaiming Honor series with Michael Anderle – and that’s right, it’s vampire post-apoc! Fun stuff 🙂

We’ve done a lot to get here, and it’s been amazing to go on this journey that has now set me up to go fulltime as an author. What does that mean? Much more to come!

Stay tuned. 

Angel of Reckoning

For this vampire, it’s time to die… a second time.

Valerie understands that to take the fight to those who are attacking in New York, she needs to leave the spotlight. Both for the city, and for herself.

Her enemies are relentless in their attacks to get to her. Since they have relocated to the Chicago City-State area, that is where she must go.

Only one problem, she will be running into the militaristic force called the FDG. She’ll need to either work with them, or stay off their radar to take out the CEO’s

She hopes.

For those who have been demanding her head, the Angel of Reckoning has their response, and she is coming to deliver it.



Grab it on Amazon, free with KU!


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