Retribution Calls

Retribution CallsIf you’ve been waiting for an awesome fantasy series with amazing book covers, here it is! So much fantasy is based on Europe, so I wanted to do what George RR Martin did with his series based on the Wars of the Roses, but with mine based on Ancient Greek wars between Sparta and Athens. Yes, I made it a fantasy world and fictionalized it, but you’ll see the influence.

I took the Martin route regarding magic too. For me, it’s more about the people and character – so book one has HINTS of magic (for the perceptive among you), book 2 a little bit more, and then book 3 (coming late July) comes out swinging with the fantasy aspects. I loved how Game of Thrones did this, but would have loved those books with even less magic — so that’s what I set out to do.

Hope you enjoy! You can buy it at the link below, or read most of my books, including this series, free with Kindle Unlimited. PS – the cover you see here is the final one. Amazon takes a few days to update, sometimes.






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