Authors and Amazon Giveaways

images (1)Amazon does this new thing where you can do giveaways with your eBooks now. Pretty sweet, right? I’ve done a few of them, and thought I’d share my experience for other authors.

How Does it Work?

Basically you just go to the Amazon page of the eBook you want to do a giveaway on, scroll to the bottom, and hit giveaway. There are various options, but the key to know is that you probably want to lower the price of your book as much as possible for the giveaway, because you pay that price for each book that you include in the giveaway.

For Readers

Readers can find your link and enter the giveaway. They’ll get a message either way, so this is your chance as the author to include links to your author newsletter (especially if you offer that same book through the newsletter). You can have them become an Amazon follower, watch a YouTube video, or other options to be eligible for the book giveaway. I like doing the YouTube option, and making a special video for that giveaway.


I’m doing two giveaways right now, one for BACK BY SUNRISE, and the other for book 2 in my epic fantasy series, RETRIBUTION CALLS. The latter is almost over, so if you’re interested, you better hurry!

Back by Sunrise - Award Winner

book_cover copy

Does it Help?

Maybe – but it’s cool. I like that 10 more people have my books, and may leave reviews. I’ve seen a few more purchases, and newsletter signups, so yeah, it’s doing some cool things. I’ll keep you updated!


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