Crazy Game of Thrones THEORY

Anyone heard this theory before? It’s so crazy it’s probably not true, but… BUT.

Maybe tonight’s episode will shine some light on it 🙂



  1. Best regards on the novel you’re working on, and thanks for sharing your theories.

    I’m skeptical that Bran will be able to affect the past, or will somehow be either Brandon the Builder or the Brandon who became the Night’s King (was the 13th Lord Commander named Bran… I should look that up.) But I like hearing this stuff.

    I also think we should think about the Others, and if they are just simply evil or not. They might be acting from interesting and complex motivations. Can we be sure that the Old Gods really have humanity’s best interest at heart (or rather, at root?)

    Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, the ‘theory’ is more tongue in cheek. Though, who knows! Haha. I can’t wait to see where he goes with the others and all that tough. May not be what I said (probably isn’t), but will be something awesome!

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