Short Story: Waning Intelligence

This week’s short story is pretty short. Flash fiction? I don’t know what it is. I wrote it as part of a writing exercise when I was participating in the Writer’s Guild Foundations Veterans Writing Workshop. So take it as it is, and don’t judge me 🙂



I never told anyone this, but my intelligence really peaked around four, maybe five years old.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, or slow, I don’t think. Well, at least not to the degree some people seem to think I am when they look at me. But I sued to be hotness, man.

I was designing WMDs in my sleep, you know? I came up with that thingamajig, the triggering mechanism in that… See, I don’t know what it’s called anymore because of my deteriorating brain power. It’s like Benjamin Button, but not quite. I just got smart real fast, then slowly lost it.

Man, I’m telling you, I had bodyguards, security like the secret service but better, and all that. Never less than two fully grown men walking with me to make sure nobody got to the brain that would conquer the system. When I needed to come up with the newest weapons system, or a strategy to take down the government, I’d just take a walk outside, hands behind my back and my head down, just letting the ideas flow through me like lemonade on a hot day. My security leading the way.

Maybe it’s God’s way of punishing me? Maybe he’s mad at me for all the destruction I’ve caused, and that’s why he’s taking my intelligence.

I can barely even remember those days, or how it felt to be so smart. But I have this picture, and that’s all I got now. Shoot, who knows when it’ll all be gone and I’ll be as dumb as my hamster, Fluffy. If I make it to my tenth birthday, I’ll consider it a frikin miracle.

Take heed is all I can say. Use your brain for good for as long as ya got it, so God don’t take it away.


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