Game of Thrones S6 Ep1 Winner is Davos

John Snow not deadIf you have not yet watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, season 6, I’m happy to let you know it will not disappoint (or not as much as a lot of season 5, anyway). Aside from that, don’t read on if you don’t want spoilers.

Mostly we all want to know if John Snow is really dead — I still say no. I’ve argued from the beginning that George Martin has a few main chapters that won’t be truly harmed. Those are Tyrion, Dany (AKA Khaleesi), John Snow, and Bran. Those are first tier, with Cersei, Jaime, and potentially Margery as second tiers. Maybe I’m completely wrong about this series, or maybe I’m completely right but George R.R. Martin decided to kill off John Snow anyway, but I’m still very skeptical (I am a huge fan of the R+L=J theory).

Did this episode lead us to believe he’s dead? Sure, but of course it would. I wouldn’t imagine they would let us know until episode 3 or 4 that he’s back, though they could be jerks and make us wait until episode 10. Then there’s the other option — the show seems to be doing whatever the heck it wants, regardless of what the books do (and makes sense to the story), so maybe they’ll just kill him off because they want to prove they were telling the truth when they pretty much (or blatantly) said he was dead.

Other snippets

As for the rest of the episode? Of course we knew Brienne of Tarth would show up to save Sansa in her moment of need, but it was still awesome to see her and Podrick take down Ramsay’s soldiers.

And the fact that brothers of the night’s watch are going for revenge (presumably with help from the wildlings), is freaken perfect. We all want to see those bastards who “killed” John Snow get theirs.

There was more, such as Tyrion in Mereen, Cersei with Jaime, and all that (scenes I enjoyed, but they weren’t anything that got me excited. Although, I do always love reminders of why Cersei’s the way she is (the love of her children).


Complaints: Only that I’ve already seen Dany will a bunch of Dothraki. It feels kind of repetitive, like they’re adding stuff for the point of dragging it out. I hope we see that Martin doesn’t do it this way when his book that covers this material is released. On the positive side, there’s the cliffhanger that they are now going to send Dany to the secluded temple where old widows go, so we’ll see if she gets out of that (meaning ‘how’).

Aria: Cool, we finally get to see her blind (a big part of book 5 (maybe book 4, I don’t totally remember). We get a hint of what’s going to happen with her training, but honestly I’m a bit skeptical here, because for me the training parts in the book were fairly boring. I’m hesitant to get too excited about this part.

Ending: It’s called “The Red Woman” and all this episode did with her was show she’s an old woman? Hmm… And the fact that this was the last scene was a bit of a let down.

That said…

Game of Thrones often delivers while failing to have interesting endings to their episodes. Okay, actually “interesting” may apply, but not really intriguing sequel or cliff-hangers. But the show always reaches a level of amazingness that keeps us peeing our pants in excitement for more, so I for one look forward to next Game of Thrones Day (the only holiday that we get 10 of a year!).

So which character wins this episode?

I’d have to say if there was one character who owned this episode, it would be Davos, the Onion Knight. I liked how he took control, and the cliff-hanger way they left that situation. He’s always been pretty hard core, and now he’s taking that to new levels.

How about you? What’d you think of the episode? Excited for what’s to come? Think Johny boy’s really dead?


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Also, see here where I give a brief rundown of how Game of Thrones inspired my fantasy writing:



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