Amazon Giveaway

images (1)Amazon now allows us authors to do eBook Giveaways, so I’ve decided to give you all 10 copies of Creative Writing Career and 10 copies of Retribution Calls.

For this week only, you can get each of them for only $0.99, or enter via the links below for your chance to win your #Free books. Enjoy!

Creative Writing Career is the first of my Creative Mentor series, and has been a #1 Best Seller on Amazon’s screenwriting category several times in 2015. It’s full of author advice on how to position yourself for a career as a creative writer, and interviews with writers of movies, video games, comics and books.

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Creative Writing Career - Number 1 Best Seller

Retribution Calls is my second book in the Falls of Redemption trilogy (book 3 coming soon) and you get book 1 for #Free when you sign up for my author newsletter at This epic fantasy series is about a boy who is forced to fight for a neighboring warrior clan, and the choices he’s faced to make as his land breaks out in war.

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book_cover copy


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