Want Christmas, Teddy Bears, and Pirates all in one AUDIOBOOK?

Teddy and the Pirates audio 2That’s right, ladies and gents. Now you can get it all – teddy bears, pirates, and Christmas – in one awesome (though not super long) audiobook.

Check out the audiobook for Teddy Bears and the Christmas Pirates, narrated by Michael Gilliland. 

And if you want a free review copy, hit me up! I have ten copies to give away (though I hope you leave a review if you get one).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this story, it’s the third in the Teddy Defender series. Here’s the description:


In the third book in the Teddy Defender series, Ari, Mia, and Brutas discover that teddy bear pirates are trying to ruin Christmas and take over the human world. They’re taking all the new teddy bears from stockings and beneath trees, raising an army of these bears, and searching for a treasure that will give them immense power.

It’s up to Ari and his friends to find this treasure before the pirates do, rescue Christmas, and save the world.



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