BookBub Results – Day One

Teddy Beras and Harry PotterAfter my first day of a BookBub ad, I thought I’d go over the results a bit. The most exciting part, as the pic shows, was that I got to see my book right next to HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS! Since Harry Potter is one of the most amazing series ever written, this was truly an honor. (For me it’s up there with Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire).

But you’re probably wondering about the numbers? 

The first day, nothing super amazing. But then again, I went with “Middle Grade” as my genre, which they say only averages 300 purchases from one of their ads. Does this mean over the week that the ad / discount stays live, or the first day? I don’t know, but I hope the former – you lovely folk bought 275 copies of TEDDY BEARS IN MONSTERLAND, downloaded 50 #free copies of book 2 (TEDDY BEARS AND THE HALLOWEEN GHOST), and bought 25 copies of book 3 (TEDDY BEARS AND THE CHRISTMAS PIRATES). So if you count spillover, I made it, and was close regardless. If you count the whole week, I’m imagine I will (and this is where I’m counting on you readers who haven’t bought the books yet – you have until Jan 19 to get the #promo rates.

What have I learned?

Spillover kind of surprised me. I imagined people would eventually go on to get book 2 and 3, but didn’t realize it would be right away. I’ll definitely plan on that for my next BookBub ad (I hope with a ALLIE STROM bundle, but then I’d have to have a 4th book out…. hint, hint). It also tells me I need to hurry and get a sequel out for FALLS OF REDEMPTION.

What are my hopes for the rest of the week? 

I’m running some promos on Book 2 and 3 starting today, which I hope will drive even more sales to book 1. Then, as the promos come to a close, the goal is to be up in the charts and on the tip of readers’ tongues (word of mouth), so that the book sales just keep on going – not at this rate, I’m sure, but if I could double or triple what they were before, I’d be ecstatic.

How about you?

Have you run a BookBub ad? Have questions about it if you’re thinking you may try? Hit me up, I’m happy to chat.


Go get my books, and please spread the word and leave reviews. I’ll love you forever! And if you want some freebies, head over to and sign up for my newsletter.


Teddy Defenders


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