The Teddy Defender Trilogy is DONE!

Teddy DefendersThe Teddy Defenders trilogy is complete! You can purchase the books onAmazoniBooksKobo, or Barnes and Noble.

Why, you ask, did I write three books about teddy bears? Because I’m a child at heart, and these are the kinds of stories I love to read. Pixar and Disney made me who I am (not entirely, but mostly), and I’m obsessed with stories for children that can be enjoyed by adults and teens as well.

So I wrote the first book: Teddy Bears in Monsterland. This is a story of a teddy bear named Ari whose boy is taken by monsters, so Ari has to go into the Monsterlands to rescue him. It’s very much an Orpheus story, or a more friendly version of the Dante’s Inferno games/ animated movie. 

But I wasn’t done. I had Michael Gilliland narrate the audiobook of book 1, and wanted something he could do quickly that we could put out for free as a sample. So I wrote Teddy Bears and the Halloween Ghost. This short story in the Teddy Defenders universe focuses on the female bear from book 1, Mia, as the teddy bears set out to save their children from a ghost. Fun times, and you can check out the #free audiobook on Youtube.

Next came one of my favorite stories to write to date, because I love pirates.Teddy Bears and the Christmas Pirates. Oh yeah, I love Christmas also, so it made sense that I would have to write this story. It is what it sounds like – the Teddy Defenders have to save Christmas from some pirates (they happen to be teddy bear pirates, and although you don’t have to read book 1 to totally get it, they tie together for sure).

So there you have it – my first completed trilogy. I also have my Bringer of Lighttrilogy coming to a close this month (January 2015), starting with Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon. But while you wait for the third book in that series, check out the Teddy Defenders.



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