The Creative Mentor Books

Justin Sloan non-fictionIf you’ve been following my creative writing career at all, you’ve likely seen at least one of the books pictured above. The series started about three years ago when I decided to treat my writing like a business instead of a hobby. The idea here was that, instead of just asking people for their advice on how to present myself and make a living from my writing, I would capture their advice and share it with the world.

So here it is, the complete Creative Mentor series. 


And in case you missed it, we started two associated podcasts! The Creative Writing Career podcast, and the Military Veterans in Creative Careers podcast – check them out on iTunes, and please subscribe and leave reviews.


Creative Writing Career and Military Veterans in Creative Careers have both been adapted into audiobooks, and Creative Writing Career 2 is in process, by actor Trevor Scott.

Some book reviews: 

Creative Writing Career 2 is a tremendous follow-up to the first book, and it does a remarkable job of dispelling the myths surrounding what it means to be a writer. I highly recommend this volume, and it’s predecessor, to anyone even considering a writing career. It’s the advice I wish I’d gotten early on, and it’s filled with gems that can help new and seasoned writers alike.

– Kevin Tumlinson, Author and Wordslinger

Clear, concise and incredibly helpful. I heard about this book on the author’s podcast. I couldn’t recommend these resources more for anyone trying to break out a living as a writer!!

– Christopher O., Amazon Review

This is an outstanding resource for anyone starting a career in the entertainment industry, even more so for those leaving the military. Full of candid observations and advice from people who are on this career path and have been at it long enough to have learned some valuable lessons.

– Brian McLaughlin, Producer and Veteran


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