Help us launch the MVICC podcast!

MVICC podcast logoIf you’ve enjoyed my interviews  with Military Veterans…  our podcast officially launches this Wednesday, Veterans Day (

BUT what we’d like to ask your help with is this – we’re trying to hit new and noteworthy, so we’re going with two big pushes, and the first is through Thunderclap.

– Click on the link, then hit support on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr, and what it will do is send social media messages from all of us on the 16th.
– We need to hit 100 supporters, so please join and share like crazy.
– Many of you #Veterans will likely be on the podcast if you haven’t been yet, so in a way you’re pre-supporting yourself!

If you’re not a veteran, you’ll still love the podcast! So help us spread the word, subscribe to the podcast, and leave us some reviews. We appreciate it.

And here’s the link (below). Thank you again!

And we’re doing it in two parts, so if you could also help us with this launch by supporting on HeadTalker.


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