Audio Book of Creative Writing Career – Now Available!

Creative Writing Career AudiobookLadies and Gentlemen, my audio book for Creative Writing Career is now available!

If you would like a review copy, email me at and I will send you one, while supplies last.

Narrated by Thomas Block:

Thomas is not only an audio book narrator but also as a novelist (with seven novels that were bestsellers at various times and places, including ‘Mayday’ that was co-authored with Nelson DeMille and later made into a CBS Movie of the Week.  You can find more information about Thomas on his website,



Your guide to positioning yourself for a career as a creative writer.

Including author interviews with the following:

  • Stephan Bugaj (Pixar and beyond)
  • Anthony Burch (Borderlands 2)
  • Joshua Rubin (Assassins Creed 2)
  • Will Wight (the Traveler’s Gate trilogy)
  • And many more!

Everyone wants to be a writer, and they want to know what they can do to make that dream come true. However, most aspiring writers do not understand how to position themselves so they are ready when presented with an opportunity. They identify themselves as writers but have no writing samples, or their websites and social media talk all about their paintings or music but say nothing of who they are as writers.

Based on a lifetime of struggling to make it as a creative writer, Creative Writing Career: Becoming a Writer of Movies, Video Games, and Books is a guide for aspiring writers to help them position themselves in an extremely competitive field. The book includes information on the writing process, and ways to improve one’s craft, but mostly focuses on how to get discovered and where to concentrate energy in the meantime. The content of the book is supplemented by writer interviews, featuring some incredibly gifted people who share the wisdom they have gained. With writing, as with most aspects of life, I have chosen to rely on those with demonstrated wisdom to move ahead. This audiobook presents that wisdom for the listener to do the same.


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